User Problem

Collaboration is a key part of the success of any organization, executed through a clearly defined vision and mission and based on transparency and constant communication.

Business management and employees struggle when they can’t organize team tasks on one platform. They are forced to use a single medium for personal and professional purposes blurring the line of personal and official communication. They also find it difficult to locate documents and files as they lie cluttered.



Whizzyle solves the challenges faced by business owners and employees by integrating it on one single platform in a seamless manner.

Yes, now businesses can manage their functions on the go. With Whizzyle, every chat starts with an objective and agenda, making it clear that the team is there to do business and not while away time. This application redefines business communication by simplifying how you achieve your team’s work goals.

App Features

Start Conversations/Chat with a subject and agenda

The application allows you to capture notes with all key takeaways so that no points are missed out

Organize chats into folders by labeling them and get away from the clutter of not being able to find where is what

Assign action items to your team members

Talk to unlimited participants without them losing their current usage


Whizzyle App Advantages

Start with a subject, agenda and use the email-like features to organize your conversations.

Helps to perform structured communication within and across an organization.

Business messaging, secure file-sharing, and productivity tools all in one platform.